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+1 310.598.3885 | M-F 8-6 PST

Maintenance & Support Benefits


Protect your investment with our Maintenance & Support program

Software Upgrade Assurance and Support (Maintenance & Support)

Our annual Maintenance and Support is an option for permanent license purchases which renews annually, provides many benefits, and is designed to ensure you have the best help and support possible from us when needed.

  • Permanent License Purchases: Maintenance & Support can be purchased alongside your permanent licenses during the initial purchase, or may be added anytime thereafter.
  • Annual License Purchases: Maintenance & Support benefits are included automatically in the beginning purchase cost of licenses and subsequent annual renewal cost.

Support Assistance:
Maintenance & Support allows you access to our senior support team by telephone and email 8×5 throughout the coverage year. We do not subcontract our support services overseas, all of our support team members are senior-level SE’s based in our Los Angeles USA office. If you are in an overseas time zone we will make every effort to work with you at a time that is convenient.

Software Updates and Other General Benefits:

  • Product version upgrades and patches are included free, and you may add more user licenses later when needed.
  • You may migrate your purchased licenses to a new domain if the existing licensed domain will be removed or deprecated. You will receive support to assist with your domain migration event including temporary “migration keys” that will allow software operation within both old and new domains simultaneously until the migration is complete.
  • If you own an “unlimited user” key for your domain, you can also receive unlimited user “OU keys” for the same domain as needed at no extra cost.
  • You will receive no-cost annual license keys to some of our utility software products as they become available, such as Account Manager for Active Directory. Account Manager is a very valuable tool for the help desk and should assist with driving the value proposition of our Maintenance & Support program beyond the typical inclusions.
  • There are many other benefits included that will help you in odd or non standard situations, multiple domain scenarios, or MSP/ASP scenarios. Our Sales Team can help with any and all questions.

Declining Support:
You may elect to decline adding Maintenance & Support to your permanent license purchase. Annual license purchases will always have Maintenance & Support as part of the purchase price. Without maintenance and support, you will receive 90 days of support and upgrade assurance immediately following purchase. After the 90 day period has expired, or, if your previously active Maintenance & Support has expired, access to our support team, adding licenses, or other items outlined above will no longer be available. You may purchase or renew Maintenance & Support with us at any time later however there will be some back-dated payment penalty.

Questions? How do I pay? How does licensing work? Reseller Question? MSP/ASP, Multiple Domains or OUs?

Talk to us, we’ll get you squared away! See the bottom of any page for our Sales Team email address and phone number, or hit us on the chat widget. SysOp Tools accepts credit cards, bank wire transfers, company checks and Net 30 payment terms for qualifying customers (USA only for checks and Net30). We can work with any reseller of your choice.
Our Sales Team can explain all purchase and licensing options, and get a support engineer involved to assist with your specific needs; we do our level best to keep things easy and cost effective for you.

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