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Since 2007, SysOp Tools has provided B2B security and management software to organizations and companies across the globe.

To this day, we are proud to support the needs of some of the worlds’ most established, influential and technologically advanced organizations. We look forward to helping you find solutions and exceptional ROI through our product offerings.

Below are a few of our satisfied enterprise customers within different sectors – Click any of the category blocks to expand and view company names. (Please note, we only list client names which have expressly given us permission to do so- The list below represents a very small portion of our overall client base).

Users LOVE Password Reminder PRO! We’ve had emails and some telecommuters even drop by our office in person to say how much they appreciate the password reminder messages. So, it’s fair to say Password Reminder PRO is making our department look good.
Cynthia R. Wang

Senior Network Systems Engineer, Hale Kipa, Inc.

We have been struggling since SOX mandated we implement a password change policy. With a high number of remote employees, many who travel and a large number in other countries, passwords would expire without notice causing many helpdesk calls 24 hrs a day. Also, many users never logout of their laptops and use the suspend feature which also causes a situation with no password notifications. Since the implementation of Password Reminder PRO, we have cut down our lockout helpdesk calls by at least 80% as users are conveniently reminded by email to change their passwords. We have customized the templates and provide explicit instructions on how to change a password outside the office – Problem Solved!
Robert Klages

Director of IT, Monotype Imaging

As an IT professional with many remote employees and network users, Password Reminder PRO has greatly facilitated the password expiry and changing process. I believe the most appreciated part of the process is the “set-it and forget-it” mentality. Password Reminder PRO has proven very useful and well worth the cost of purchase. Thank you very much.
Jeremy Sadler

Network Engineer, Client Support, Motion Computing

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